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Publisher's description

MarcEdit is a comprehensive MARC editing software suite that includes tools like a MarcEditor, XML API, OAI Harvester and unicode support. MarcEdit provides users with a straightforward GUI application that can be used for global MARC or XML record editing. In addition to the GUI application, MarcEdit 5.0 also comes with a console application that can be run via the command line on any Linux, MAC or Windows systems running the .NET or MONO frameworks.
The MarcEditor provides the user with a functioning Wordpad integrated within the MarcEdit application itself. It has been provided to aid in the rapid development of records. In addition to providing the user with a simple wordpad, the MarcEditor contains a number of MARC specific features to help make editing and analying MARC records a snap. Moreover, the MarcEditor is currently the only part of the MarcEdit program that allows users to interact with it directly through script. Users are able to print and receive characters from the MarcEditor screen, as well as tap into the Replace Text functions, and the Add/Delete Field functions. Finally, since MarcEdit 4.5 , the MarcEditor has been improved so that users can now create UTF-8 encoded MARC records. In previous versions of MarcEdit, the MarcEditor would display unicode characters but not save the data as Unicode.

What's new in version 5.6

- Bug Fix: Swap fields tool -- when moving data from a variable field to a control field using a find criteria, the newly created control field would inherit the indicators and subfields of the swapped variable field.
- Bug Fix: Screen resolution -- When using MarcEdit with the DPI resolution set above 100%, the controls were not redrawing properly
- New Feature: MarcEdit includes a tool for querying registered xslt crosswalks and downloading them for use with MarcEdit (see:
- Enhancement: MARCEngine diacritics expansion -- MarcEdit's diacritics engine has been expanded to recognize ~70 new diacritic mnemonic codes. (
- Enhancement: MarcEditor Intellisense -- when placing a { in the MarcEditor, MarcEdit will now display a list of available diacritic mnemonic codes. (
- Enhancement: MarcEdit Options: Users can disable the MarcEditor Intellisense by modifying the value found in the MarcEditor tab.
- Enhancement: MarcEdit MARCValidator: When validating data from within the MarcEditor, a new option (identify invalid records) has been made available. This function specifically looks for structural issues with the mnemonic file format that can cause issues related to record compilation or cause issues related use of the global functions. Errors are reported and ranked based on their likelihood of causing record compiling issues, using the scale of Warning, Serious, Critical.
- Enhancement: Updated Help documentation.
- Enhancement: Users can now place data marked for the 260c into the 008 when using the delimited text translator.
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